Sunday, October 25, 2020
OMS Strategic Advisors offers the following services to meet your business’ unique needs: 
  •  Asset Services/Leasing Services: Strategically focused on increasing profitability through lowering operational cost and achieving maximum transaction returns through superior deal structure and strategic marketing efforts.
  • Client Services/Tenant Brokerage: Optimization and management of lease portfolios through strategic financial and marketing initiatives, while developing transactional management solutions that maximize operational efficiency and reduce operating cost. 
  • Consulting: Provides consulting for real estate transactions, development and analytics portfolio work.  We want to fully understand our clients’ business objectives in order to create and execute short- and long-term business initiatives.  After a comprehensive understanding of business initiatives, goals and challenges, OMS' recommendations for proper execution will fully align with a customized corporate strategy plan.
  • Project Management: We create the necessary partnership to manage the project process from start to finish. OMS Strategic Advisors focus on a timely project completion through emphasis on detail, budget management, follow-through and people placement.  We have strong relationships with "best in class" architectural, construction, energy management and other real estate services.
  • Green: OMS Strategic Advisors is committed to sustainability not only because it makes the most business sense, but also because it is the right thing to do.  Whether it’s retrofitting a current building to be sustainable or planning a build-a-suite to attain sustainability, OMS has the in-depth experience, alliance partners and strategic platforms to achieve a win for our clients and increase equity/investments with sustainable efforts and execution.  Additionally, we partner with energy and environmental experts who can come in and "green" any office environment, large or small.