Saturday, December 05, 2020



Corporate Headquarters Move
High Visibility, Start Up Company
Fortune 20 Parent Companies
21,347 Square Feet


Isis, a mobile payment network needed to create its own identity by attaining its own corporate headquarters.  Currently, the parent companies of Isis are AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon.  Isis chose for their corporate headquarters to be located in the DFW market. 


  • OMS helped Isis to analyze the most viable geographical areas in the DFW metroplex that made the most sense for their rapidly growing business
  • OMS and Isis searched and analyzed properties according to amenities, financial benefit, and long term geographical and socioeconomic presence
  • Three solid properties were identified
  • OMS consulted and negotiated on behalf of Isis in order to receive the best offers for Isis
  • Isis received very competitive offers from top three desired properties
  • OMS created financial modeling structures to analyze cost to Isis
  • Financial modeling created for Isis to analyze from the landlord’s perspective as well
  • Financial modeling and analysis led to strategic negotiations in order to achieve best deal structure for Isis on desired properties


  • Isis received very competitive offers from all three desired properties
  • Isis chose to leverage an existing sublease at the Galleria building
  • Isis received a very competitive offer from the Galleria building
  • Galleria offer and commitment saved Isis 20-30% below market value