Sunday, October 25, 2020


AT&T - Welch Road
Understanding How to Execute within a Corporate Organizational Structure

Co-brokered transaction with CBRE

Renewal of lease to execute cost savings strategy


AT&T at Fortune 10 company with annual sales of $100 billion+ and a corporate real estate portfolio of 200 Million square feet asked OMS and CBRE to evaluate their real estate portfolio in order to leverage and maximize the value of the portfolio in the North Texas region.  At 14012 Welch Road in the city of Dallas, had an opportunity to renew at a significant cost savings to AT&T


  • Created financial modeling structure customized for the property based on NPV and pay back
  • Leveraged other properties in the surrounding area similar in market rate and size in order to prepare for negotiations
  • Researched the market on similar properties of size and scope
  • Researched potential competitive barriers based on average market rates
  • Worked with AT&T legal to ensure all language within final documents met the requirements for execution


  • Renewed the Lease at Welch Road equating to an 18% savings to the North Texas portfolio