Saturday, December 05, 2020


AT&T - Granbury
Understanding How to Execute within a Corporate Organizational Structure

Disposition Strategy to Maximize Value of Corporate Real Estate Portfolio



AT&T a Fortune 10 company with annual sales of $100 billion+ and a corporate real estate portfolio of 200 million square feet asked OMS to evaluate properties in Granbury, TX in order to leverage and maximize the value of their complete portfolio in the North Texas Region.  The disposition of two properties in Granbury, Texas became the focus.  The conclusion was that one property needed to be sold and the other required a lease renewal.  It was also important for AT&T to utilize a firm who understood the organizational dynamics of a large fortune firm.  OMS’ past corporate real estate experiences with other Fortune 50 firms allowed for a seamless execution of both properties.


  • Created financial modeling structure customized for the properties based on depreciation and valuation of future uses
  • Strategically identified possible buyers for the disposition of the property
  • Created market analysis to understand lease structures aligned with market rates
  • Researched the market on similar properties of size and scope in order to leverage the landlord
  • Researched demographic and social economic growth of the area to understand “highest and best use” for disposition strategy
  • Worked with AT&T legal to ensure all language within final documents met the requirements for execution


  • Disposed of property which created equity growth within the portfolio by 15%
  • Renewal of lease with rate competitive to market rates