Sunday, August 09, 2020


Understanding that the Grass Isn’t Greener
Becoming an Adaptive, Strategic Leader
Why Your Company May Need a Data Scientist
Teaming as a Foundation for Learning
Moving From Solution Sales to Insight Sales
The Danger of Playing it Safe
Teamwork on the Fly
Shaping a Collective Ambition
The Growth Outliers-Our Clients

Recently, Lawrence and I were calling on a national firm, who has been more than successful over the $1 billion mark. The innovation, coupled with the operational excellence and the mixture of consumer insight research and execution, has created a future of success for their current and future growth. As Lawrence and I make an effort towards consultative selling excellence, we know the importance of understanding what kind of company we are engaging. I do not mean just understanding their industry, what they sell or how they are organized, but a more in depth understanding of what their strategic growth platform looks like, how they intend to grow over the next 10 years (implementation of growth characteristics), how will their growth or the growth of others effect other industry leaders….

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The audacity to know what your customers want before they do, delivers an inference of not listening to our clients to a point of understanding their needs. However, the authors of the HBR article entitled Know What Your Customers Want Before They Do, states that advances in IT, data gathering and analytics allows us to deliver propositions, ideas, strategic influences better than what our client advises...

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