Sunday, August 09, 2020


Understanding that the Grass Isn’t Greener
Becoming an Adaptive, Strategic Leader
Why Your Company May Need a Data Scientist
Teaming as a Foundation for Learning
Moving From Solution Sales to Insight Sales
The Danger of Playing it Safe
Teamwork on the Fly
Shaping a Collective Ambition
The Growth Outliers-Our Clients

You will notice most of my blog entries will contain a reference to the Harvard Business Review (HBR). Not only do I enjoy reading the HBR from front to back, but this is where my brain storming begins as I try to think of innovative ideas in order to help corporate executives reach year end objectives with excellence/success. In addition, I gain insight into the corporate challenges plaguing our Corporate Real Estate (CRE) executives as they try to achieve year end goals in an organization that often times views them as a corporate liability versus an asset.
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